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Maggie Holmes Creativation 2018

VIDEO: Check out Maggie Holmes collections she released at Creativation 2018 at with Crate Paper. We take a look at Carousel from summer 2017 and the new Flourish line for Spring 2018. #maggieholmes #cratepaper #scrapbook #scrapbooking #creativation2018

Maggie Holmes showcased two collections with Crate Paper at Creativation 2018. The first is Carousel which released in mid 2017 and the new collection for 2018 is Flourish.

Take a look at her new collections.

Which embellishment was your favourite? I can’t wait for those gold words!


Happy scrapping!



Heidi Swapp Creativation 2018

VIDEO: See Heidi Swapp's new products released at Creativation 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona. Hawthorne scrapbooking collection, planners, neon decor and more! #heidiswapp #hawthorne #glitterplanner #iridescentplanner #neon

Heidi Swapp has done it again! She has brought out new innovative products for our home decor… this time in NEON!

Her new paper line is called Hawthorne an it’s absolutely gorgeous. Who would have thought she could top her Magnolia Jane collection from last spring? It has a strong purple presence, which is perfect with the Pantone color of the year being Ultra Violet.

She also is releasing a summer collection called Pineapple Crush. It’s fun and bright an perfect for holiday or summer scrapping.

She’s brought out the most sparkly and glittery planners that you could imagine, one of them is even iridecent, and the glittery ones are protected so you won’t be shedding glitter everywhere.

Here’s the video from her booth:

Which new product will be on your shopping list?



New Product Showcase Creativation 2018

Here’s the first update from Creativation 2018! I attended the New Product Showcase on Friday night at had a look at ALL of the new products being showcased!

I’ve had questions about a few of the products, so here’s a few FAQ’s!

  1. Who makes the washi tape storage cube?  It’s from Deflecto. I’ll share a link when it’s available for sale!
  2. What is that ink? It’s from Catherine Pooler.
  3. Who makes the expandable marker accordion? It’s from Deflecto. I’ll share a link when it’s available for sale!
  4. Where are the travel storage envelopes (4:37) from? kitxchange.com


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Crop With Me January 27

Do you want to do more scrapbooking? It’s always fun when you scrap with friends!

Join me for Scrapbook Live on January 27 as I create two layouts using a kit from our SPONSOR The Wild Hare Kits.


Saturday, January  27 at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern.

You’ll love the kits from The Wild Hare Kits. They are custom curated JUST FOR YOU! You tell them what kinds of products you like, and actually use, and that’s exactly what you’ll receive.

I can’t wait to show you what’s in my kit for January, I haven’t even peeked yet, but I don’t know how long I can hold out!

Want to see what happened last month? Check it the December Scrapbook LIVE event HERE.

If you aren’t on the Scrapbook Wonderland email list yet… what are you waiting for?!!!

Sign up with the pink and blue box and you’ll receive the link to join the live event. It’s totally free, so grab your scrappy supplies and let’s get some pages done!






Choose Your Own Scrapbook Adventure: LOAD218

It’s almost here! LOAD218 Choose Your Own Scrapbook Adventure.

Are you ready to take the Layout a Day challenge to scrapbook every day in February? If you want to DO MORE scrapbooking this is one of the best ways I know!

Why I love LOAD (layout a day)

I finally stop collecting scrapbook supplies and finally start using them!

shopping for scrappy supplies

Finally put those scrappy supplies to good use!


If you’ve been a bit of a scrapbook collector and shopper, then you might enjoy actually putting your supplies to good use. If you don’t want to hoard your supplies, the best place to ‘save’ them is IN an album, on your layouts!

stack of layouts

This happy stack of layouts is the result of a LOAD challenge!

When I tell people what I’m doing in February they always say, “I could never do that!”

That’s EXACTLY what I thought too, in fact, the first time I signed up on a whim.

Let me tell you about my first LOAD challenge.

I signed up, thinking that even if I complete a few pages I’d be happy, because at least I’d be getting something done. The first day was easy. I made my page, uploaded it to the gallery and gave myself a pat on the back. The next few days went much the same way. I found that because I was part of the challenge I held myself accountable. Other scrappers were commenting on my layouts with supportive words and encouragement. By the end of the first week I realized, “I was doing it! I was scrapbooking a layout a day!” The momentum kept me going, then I had a difficult day. With the craziness of life I just didn’t have time to scrapbook, but by now I was invested. I ran to my scrap space. I grabbed a photo, an awesome piece of scrapbook paper, added a title and dashed of journaling right on the background paper. 20 minutes later I’d produced the fastest layout I’d EVER made. (This was before you could create a layout on your phone in 5 minutes!) And I liked it. It turns out that scrapbooking every day had taught me a few things about scrapbooking. Not every page was a masterpiece, but a lot of them were really great. I also realized I was scrapbooking more stories, and that made all the difference. I loved the layouts and I loved LOAD. So naturally when the next LOAD challenge came I signed up. You know what happened the next time? I finished the entire next one too, right? Not quite! I finished 7 layouts. That’s it. I failed, right? No! I FINISHED 7 LAYOUTS! My average on a good month was 4, so to finish 7 was still fantastic, and they were pages I loved that told great stories. That’s the magic of LOAD!

Let’s be real. Not every scrapper will complete a layout every day for the month. And that’s okay. Imagine doing half of that. Or a third. No matter what the magic number is for you, you’ll finish the month with a sense of pride and satisfaction, and you’ll admire all of the layouts you’ve completed!

Want to join me? Deadline to register is January 31, 2018.

Go to ScrapHappy.org/load218 to sign up!

And let’s use up some of those scrappy supplies!