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Scrapbook Live May 2017

Scrapbook Live was so much fun today!

I played with the Main Kit and Life Pages Kit from Gossamer Blue and made a 12×12 layout and a pocket page.

We drew a winner for a Gossamer Blue Life Pages kit, and the lucky winner was Kristie.

The live attendees were full of fabulous ideas, so I crowd-sourced ideas for my layouts and they turned out great!

Here’s the full replay:

Here are the layouts:

12×12 Page:

You are my home layout FULL Alice Boll

The photo was printed 6×8. I liked how the the oranges and greens in the paper picked up different elements from the photo than I expected to use. (I thought I’d be using purple and blue on this page!)

You are my home layout detail 2 Alice Boll

The little cardboard circle had a saying on it that just didn’t work for this page. I covered it up with the banner and it was so cute!

A handy reminder from Carrie had me switching the orange and green mattes, so the green wasn’t right next to my son’s green shirt. That looked much better!

You are my home layout detail 1 Alice Boll.jpg

After crowd-sourcing for a title, thank you Vera, this page was well on it’s way!

Pocket page:

Pocket page May 2017 FULL Alice Boll

Pocket page May 2017 detail 2 Alice Boll

Pocket page May 2017 detail 1 Alice Boll


If you would like to participate in the next Scrapbook Live be sure you’re on the Scrapbook Wonderland EMAIL LIST.

If you’d like more information about the ScrapHappy family and what we do pop over to ScrapHappy.org


Happy scrapping!


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Join me for Scrapbook LIVE!

This weekend I’ll be scrapbooking, what are you doing?

Want to scrapbook with me?

Scrapbook LIVE is an online crop, perfect for hanging out with other scrapbookers and catching up with some crafty projects.

Join me live on Sunday, May 21st at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern.

I scrap using the Main Kit and the Life Pages Kit from Gossamer Blue. We also do a giveaway of a Life Pages kit, you have to participate live to win!


Here’s the last Scrapbook LIVE event from April, so you can see what it’s like.

If you want to share your scrappy project I love to invite others to join me on screen.


Here’s one of the layouts I made:

Maui weekend getaway layout FULL Alice Boll

Maui weekend getaway layout detail 1 Alice Boll

Maui weekend getaway layout detail 2 Alice Boll

Maui weekend getaway layout detail 3 Alice Boll


To join me live you just need to sign up for the Scrapbook Wonderland email list. If you’re on the list you’ll receive the invite to join the live crop. Hope to scrap with you this weekend!




Awe and Wonder full Alice BollIt’s been a busy month with LOTS of scrapbooking!

That’s always a good thing!

This layout was inspired by one of my all-time favourite movies, the 1971 film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory starring Gene Wilder. I’m participating in the layout at day challenge, LOAD517 Legends of Hollywood.

In Willy Wonka when the characters first enter the chocolate room, with candy everywhere and the amazing chocolate river, the expression on the actor’s faces is real. The director wouldn’t allow them to see the set until that moment so their genuine reactions could be captured. They gaze around the space in awe and wonder, it’s a truly magical moment.

The prompt: What moment in your life left you in awe and wonder? Where do you find awe and wonder in your daily life? It might be a big moment or a small one, let’s honour it today.

Here’s a look at the layout, and don’t miss the process video below!

Awe and Wonder full Alice Boll

Awe and Wonder detail Alice Boll

Awe and Wonder detail 2 Alice Boll

Awe and Wonder detail 3 Alice Boll


Process video:

After an introduction about how to use the film for scrapbooking you can watch the process of creating the layout using the new paints from Vicki Boutin.

Products Used:
Vicki Boutin paint: Daiquiri Ice, Watermelon Burst, Saltwater Taffy, Plum Pudding
‘Awe’ – Pink Paislee: C’est La Vie
‘Wonder’ – Amy Tangerine: Twins Foam stickers
‘Happy birthday’ – Recollections
‘magic in your mouth’ – Crate Paper: Maggie Holmes
‘and’ – Teresa Collins
White Super Stock Paper- Creative Scrapbooker Magazine
White location marker acylic – Gossamer Blue kit
White acrylic chevrons – Close to My Heart
Purple enamel hearts – Close to My Heart
Blue/Mint hearts – Illustrated Faith
ink drops: Gold and White Color Shine: Heidi Swapp


I’ll be sharing more of the layouts I’ve created inspired by silver screen, watch for that… coming soon!




LOAD517 Unicorn Deal

Unicorn deal load517It’s both rare and amazing. The kind of deal that almost never comes along.

Today, May 6, 2017 is National Scrapbooking Day and that means great deals are everywhere!

Normally when registration closes for a layout a day challenge, that’s it. That’s all. You missed the boat.

But not today.

For one day only LATE registration has opened for LOAD517 Legends of Hollywood.

So far there’s been prompts inspired by Charlie Chaplin, Shirley Temple and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and that’s only brought us to 1937.

Here’s a sneak peek at the layouts I’ve made so far in this challenge:

#selfie best ever layout Alice Boll

Beautiful SLC layout Alice Boll

I made this one using the Rhonna and Rhonna collage apps!

Wow thats a lot of driving layout Alice Boll

Using the My Mind’s Eye “In Bloom” paper.


star of the parade layout Alice Boll

love this life layout Alice Boll

I’m excited because this is only 5 days in and I’ve already created 5 layouts! May is going to be a great month!

You not only can join the challenge, but you can save $10 by using the code “UNICORN10”.

Don’t let this unicorn slip through your fingers.

Need to know more about the layout a day challenge… you can read all of the details HERE, with no commitment… so take a peek, and today could be your lucky day!



LOAD517 Legends of Hollywood

LOAD517 promo imageIt’s almost here! LOAD517 Legends of Hollywood.

Are you ready to take the Layout a Day challenge to scrapbook every day in May?

Don’t miss out.

Here’s why I love layout a day.

I finally stop collecting scrapbook supplies and finally start using them!

shopping for scrappy supplies

Finally put those scrappy supplies to good use!


If you’ve been a bit of a scrapbook collector and shopper, then you might enjoy actually putting your supplies to good use too.

stack of layouts

This happy stack of layouts is the result of a LOAD challenge!

When I tell people what I’m doing in May they always say, “I could never do that!”

That’s EXACTLY what I thought too, the first time I signed up on a whim.

Let’s be real. Not every scrapper will complete a layout every day for the month. And that’s okay. Imagine doing half of that. Or a third. No matter what the magic number is for you, you’ll finish the month with a sense of pride and satisfaction, just looking at all of those layouts you’ve completed!

Let me tell you about my first LOAD challenge.

I signed up, thinking that even if I complete a few pages I’d be happy, because at least I’d be getting something done. The first day was easy. I made my page, uploaded it to the gallery and gave myself a pat on the back. The next few days went much the same way. I found that because I was part of the challenge I held myself accountable. Other scrappers were commenting on my layouts with supportive words and encouragement. By the end of the first week I realized, “I was doing it! I was scrapbooking a layout a day!” The momentum kept me going, then I had a difficult day. With the craziness of life I just didn’t have time to scrapbook, but by now I was invested. I ran to my scrap space. I grabbed a photo, an awesome piece of scrapbook paper, added a title and dashed of journaling right on the background paper. 20 minutes later I’d produced the fastest layout I’d EVER made. (This was before you could create a layout on your phone in 5 minutes!) And I liked it. It turns out that scrapbooking every day had taught me a few things about scrapbooking. Not every page was a masterpiece, but a lot of them were really great. I also realized I was scrapbooking more stories, and that made all the difference. I loved the layouts and I loved LOAD. So naturally when the next LOAD challenge came I signed up. You know what happened the next time? I finished the entire next one too, right? Not quite! I finished 7 layouts. That’s it. I failed, right? No! I FINISHED 7 LAYOUTS! My average on a good month was 4, so to finish 7 was still fantastic, and they were pages I loved that told great stories. That’s the magic of LOAD!

Want to join me? Deadline to register is April 30, 2017.

Go to ScrapHappy.org/load517 to sign up!

And you may finally use up some of your scrappy supplies!