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Scrapbooking Bucket List Part 2

In part 2 of the bucket list series let’s look at creating a bucket list of pages you’d like to scrapbook.

Did you miss part 1? That’s where we created at a bucket list of techniques you’d like to use. See PART 1 HERE.

2. Create a Scrapbooking Project Bucket List

Let’s make a list of specific scrapbooking projects you’d like to complete.

This can be layouts, mini books, whole albums, whatever kind of crafty project you’d like to create can go onto this list.


1. It’s helpful to have a list of projects you’d like to complete. This gives you a jumping off point when you have time to scrapbook. It also shows you what kinds of projects are important to you right now.

2. It’s good for days when you don’t know what to scrap. Sometimes you are just not sure where to start. If you have a pre-made list of page ideas that you would like to complete you can see which idea sparks your interest and scrapbook something that truly inspires you.

Scrapbooking something that truly excites you is the best way to stay motivated to keep scrapbooking. These are the pages that you will be the most creative with. You’ll find your ideas flow much easier when you want to scrapbook something and you aren’t trying to complete a project because you ‘have to’.

3. If you have a list you can add to it when you see a good idea. You know how Pinterest can be a vacuous time suck of pretty pictures? (It’s not just me, right?) When you look up, you realize that you have been staring at, and pinning, other people’s amazing ideas for hours and you still haven’t completed your project, or found that pin you were looking for? Oops!

If you have a bucket list of page ideas you can jot down great ideas for later, that way you don’t have to get sucked into the Pinterest vortex the next time you are looking for inspiration.

The bucket list is also perfect for those times you are talking to your friends and catch yourself saying, “I should totally scrapbook that!”

bucket list projects

Want a peek at my Scrapbooking Projects Bucket List?

  • A heritage album.
  • My wedding album.
  • A book about my aunt.
  • Complete boys’ birthday layouts!
  • An album about our home.
  • Music from my childhood page.
  • Candy I loved as a child.
  • My childhood toys.
  • Story about my long letter at summer camp.
  • Family genealogy page.
  • Page about Joe’s awful knock-knock jokes as a 5 year old.
  • Finish my selfie album.
  • What strange or unusual talents/abilities do you have?
  • Pet peeves.
  • What’s the silliest/craziest thing you’ve ever done?
  • My collections.
  • What do you photograph but never scrap?
  • Favourite school subjects and the dreaded ones!
  • Books I love.
  • Movies I love.
  • What’s your beauty routine?
  • Best recipe?
  • Kitchen disasters!
  • Tales from summer camp. (cactus – duh!)
  • Favourite piece of jewelry.
  • Engagement story.
  • Music that reminds me of…
  • Chores! You love to hate ‘em!

By calling this a bucket list it helps to take some of the pressure off of these incomplete projects. You are meant to get around to them eventually, but there is no sense of looming dread over the fact that they are not done yet. Hey, you haven’t kicked the bucket yet, right?

selfie album project #scrapbooking

Here’s a page from my selfie album. The photo is me taking my own photo in a multi mirrored room… the most selfies I’ve ever taken at once!

Are you ready to go and create your own bucket list of projects you’d like to create? Feel free to use any from my list if you like them! ;)

I’d love to hear what kinds of projects will go on your list, let me know in the comments.

Bucket Lists Part 3

Tomorrow we will look at the final part of the bucket list series, so check back for that!

Let your creativity shine!


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Scrapbooking Bucket List Part 1

Do you know what a bucket list is?

It’s a list of things to do before you die, or before you ‘kick the bucket’.

Yeah, it’s kind of morbid.

But, it’s also kind of brilliant.

Whether you agree with the idea of a bucket list or not, it all comes down to creating a list of things that you would like to do… sometime. Call it what you like; bucket list, goals, to-do list, hope to do’s, I should’s, but be sure to make a list!

In this 3 part series we will look at 3 ways you can make bucket lists a part of your scrapbooking.

1. Create a Technique Bucket List

1. Do you have a list of things you’ve been wanting to try in your scrapbooks?

Have you considered creating your own scrapbooking bucket list?

bucket list technique

Want to see what’s on my ‘Scrapbooking Bucket List of Techniques I Want to Use’?

  • Use a map.
  • Doodle.
  • Create a watercolour background.
  • Make a page with 10+ photos.
  • Make a page NO photos.
  • Use ink drops.
  • Figure out alcohol ink.
  • Scraplift your current favourite designer.
  • Make a monochromatic page.
  • Make a page with LOTS of white space.
  • Scrap a photo from today.
  • Make a collage of photos.
  • Create a hybrid scrapbook page.
  • Make a page with OLD product.
  • Create a page in 20 minutes.


Having a list of techniques or styles you’d like to use in your scrapbooking will help you:

1. Be more creative! This list will help you to challenge yourself to try something new. When you see an idea you’d like to replicate add it to your list.

2. Get past scrapbooker’s block. When you can’t figure out what you’d like to do, or where to start a scrapbook page, take a look at your list and try something new. This is a great way to begin a page!

3. Create variety in your books. Have you ever worried that all of your pages look the same? You won’t have to worry about that if you mix some different styles and techniques into your albums once in a while.

4. Stay motivated. Trying something new is the best way to stay motivated to keep scrapbooking. Doing the same thing all of the time can become monotonous and boring. Scrapbookers that have been scrapbooking for years are often people that try new styles, techniques and play with new trends.


I’m starting to cross things off of my technique bucket list. Check out the ink drops I used on this layout!

pink hair layout image1

What are you going to put on your list? Share it in the comments!


Make it Monday! 

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Bucket Lists… Part 2

Check out the next part of this bucket list series! We are talking about another type of bucket list. ;)



Let your creativity shine!


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Make Dad a Simple Mini Album

Need an idea for Father’s Day? Make Dad a mini album! You’ll be surprised at how special it will be to him.

Fathers Day book 1

There’s one important rule when scrapbooking for a man.

Keep it simple.

As much as you might enjoy the creative process that is probably not going to be the most important thing to Dad.

Focus on your photos and add a short story or sentiment.


For this sample project I took a white album and sprayed the inside and outside using 3 shades of blue Dylusions spray ink. This was a super easy way to decorate the book while keeping it simple.

Fathers Day book spray binder

Another way to keep it simple is to pick a line of coordinating patterned paper and use it throughout the book. In my sample I used a paper pack that includes cardstock from Close to My Heart. (Wonderland)

Here’s a sneak peek to see how I’m finishing the inside of my book:

Fathers Day book 2


Fathers Day book 3

Each section has a title page.

Fathers Day book 4



Fathers Day book 5


Fathers Day book 6

The design for each of the sections is the same. This helps to keep it simple!

Fathers Day book 7

The pages inside are decorated simply using labels and arrows punched from cardstock.

Fathers Day book 8There’s still plenty of room to add extra sentiments and memories to the pages.
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Your next stop is to Photos Kept Alive where Karen is trying some new techniques with Panstoria Artisan while making a digi Father’s Day card.


Are you ready to make Dad an album for Father’s Day? How will you keep it simple?



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Washi Tape Background and Patterned Paper

Let’s use up some of your washi tape hoard… or stash… to create gorgeous background and patterned papers for your scrapbook projects.

Watch this short video to learn the tips and tricks to put this quick and easy technique to use!

Technique for adding washi tape to make background or patterned paper:

1. Choose your washi tape. Will you use a repeating pattern or random placement?

2. Choose one washi tape and find others that work with it. Pay attention to colour, style, and width.

3. Will you leave space between the layers of washi tape, butt them up next to each other, or overlap them?

4. Will your washi tape be placed horizontally or vertically, or both?

TIP: If you are worried about making straight lines with your washi tape put a grid pattern behind the paper you are using, or use light pencil marks so you can make sure that your tape stays straight.

When you are done fold the edges of the washi tape around to the back of the paper. This will help to prevent the edges from folding up on the front of your paper.

Create your own background or patterned paper easily with washi tape!

Create your own background or patterned paper easily with washi tape!


Would you like to create a digital version of this washi tape paper? My friend Karen from Photos Kept Alive uses Panstoria Artisan and she can show you how to create a digital version of this! How cool is that?!! CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!


I hope you are ready to get creative with your washi tape! Feel free to share your creations in the comments or share them on the Scrapbook Wonderland Facebook page.

Let your creativity shine!




Create a Garden Journal

If you have a yard or garden that you enjoy you should definitely document it. Try creating a garden journal or scrapbook.

I have recently started a garden journal. I want it to be more than a book that keeps track of my plants or than a scrapbook filled with pictures of my garden. I want it to be inclusive.

How do you do that? How can you combine functionality and make it pretty? What garden stories should you share in your garden scrapbook?

Here’s some topics you may wish to include in your garden journal.

  1. How did you prepare your garden?
  2. An overview of your yard or garden space.
  3. Diagrams of your garden plan.
  4. Who has helped you create your garden?
  5. Scrapbook pages that share photos of your garden.
  6. Tags and growing information about your plants.
  7. Successes and failures.
  8. Your favourite plants and why you like them.
  9. Memories of family member’s gardens and why they were special.
  10. Your gardening secrets.

Want to take a peek into my garden journal?

Garden journal landscaping



Garden journal bricks



Garden journal tulips



Garden journal hedge

Hedge and Tree


Garden journal hedge detail

I created a vellum pocket to hold the garden tags from the plants so I’ll be able to refer back to them later.


Garden journal sketch

Sketch your yard or garden space to create a record of your plants.


Garden journal lilacs



Garden journal my garden

My Garden?


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I hope you’ll be inspired to create your own garden journal or scrapbook! If you have one share a link in the comments or share it on the Scrapbook Wonderland Facebook page.

Have a wonderful day!


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