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Washi Tape Background and Patterned Paper

Let’s use up some of your washi tape hoard… or stash… to create gorgeous background and patterned papers for your scrapbook projects.

Watch this short video to learn the tips and tricks to put this quick and easy technique to use!

Technique for adding washi tape to make background or patterned paper:

1. Choose your washi tape. Will you use a repeating pattern or random placement?

2. Choose one washi tape and find others that work with it. Pay attention to colour, style, and width.

3. Will you leave space between the layers of washi tape, butt them up next to each other, or overlap them?

4. Will your washi tape be placed horizontally or vertically, or both?

TIP: If you are worried about making straight lines with your washi tape put a grid pattern behind the paper you are using, or use light pencil marks so you can make sure that your tape stays straight.

When you are done fold the edges of the washi tape around to the back of the paper. This will help to prevent the edges from folding up on the front of your paper.

Create your own background or patterned paper easily with washi tape!

Create your own background or patterned paper easily with washi tape!


Would you like to create a digital version of this washi tape paper? My friend Karen from Photos Kept Alive uses Panstoria Artisan and she can show you how to create a digital version of this! How cool is that?!! CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!


I hope you are ready to get creative with your washi tape! Feel free to share your creations in the comments or share them on the Scrapbook Wonderland Facebook page.

Let your creativity shine!




Create a Garden Journal

If you have a yard or garden that you enjoy you should definitely document it. Try creating a garden journal or scrapbook.

I have recently started a garden journal. I want it to be more than a book that keeps track of my plants or than a scrapbook filled with pictures of my garden. I want it to be inclusive.

How do you do that? How can you combine functionality and make it pretty? What garden stories should you share in your garden scrapbook?

Here’s some topics you may wish to include in your garden journal.

  1. How did you prepare your garden?
  2. An overview of your yard or garden space.
  3. Diagrams of your garden plan.
  4. Who has helped you create your garden?
  5. Scrapbook pages that share photos of your garden.
  6. Tags and growing information about your plants.
  7. Successes and failures.
  8. Your favourite plants and why you like them.
  9. Memories of family member’s gardens and why they were special.
  10. Your gardening secrets.

Want to take a peek into my garden journal?

Garden journal landscaping



Garden journal bricks



Garden journal tulips



Garden journal hedge

Hedge and Tree


Garden journal hedge detail

I created a vellum pocket to hold the garden tags from the plants so I’ll be able to refer back to them later.


Garden journal sketch

Sketch your yard or garden space to create a record of your plants.


Garden journal lilacs



Garden journal my garden

My Garden?


Make it Monday Pink CircleMake it Monday

Are you hopping along the Make it Monday Blog Circle? You’ll have arrived from Digital Scrapbooking HQ where Melissa collected some fave daddy and daughter pics for a happy layout.

Your next stop will take you to Messtaken Identities where Gina has joined the Pocket Letter craze putting her own UPcycling spin on it.



I hope you’ll be inspired to create your own garden journal or scrapbook! If you have one share a link in the comments or share it on the Scrapbook Wonderland Facebook page.

Have a wonderful day!


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Two Page Travel Scrapbooking Tips

Are your travel adventures filled with photos and stories? Perfect!

Two page scrapbook layouts are a great to document your travel. Let’s talk about ways that you can use 2 page layouts for travel scrapbooking.


Two page layouts give you a lot of space to you can include a lot of information on one page.

This may be journaling, photos or both!


When you have two pages you have plenty of space for a big photo. This sample layout has a large photo that spreads across two pages.

If you’d like to add a lot of impact to a layout enlargements make it easy! Here’s a couple tips to keep in mind:

  • Try to pick a photo that has a natural place where you can cut it.
  • Remember, you don’t have to cut the photo down the center.
Fabulous fun two page travel scrapbooking layout with one large photo

Click to enlarge.

Fabulous fun travel lauout details

Journaling reads: 

The day we stopped at this lake in France we rented pedal carts, pedal boats and then the kids spotted this piece of playground equipment. Joe, Ryan, Emily and Lowri ALL loved it!


What if you don’t scrapbook with large photos? How can you use this design?

You can create the feeling of photos crossing over two pages without cutting them at all!

Matte a group of photos together and divide the group over the two pages.


How do you tie it all together?

  • Use the same background paper on the left and the right.
  • Use elements that pull your eyes across the page. The washi tape in the sample layout stretches across both pages and helps you connect the two pages. Also try ribbon or strips of paper.
  • Use groupings of embellishments on the left and right pages.
  • Create a visual triangle of similar embellishments. In the sample layout the coral coloured swirls draw your eye from one page to the next.


Make it Monday Pink CircleMake it Monday

If you are hopping along the Make it Monday blog circle you’ll have arrived from  Photos Kept Alive  where you found digi scrapping tips on using ephemera like maps and tickets in your digi-layouts.

Your next stop on the Make it Monday hop is to Scrapping Wonders where Beth will show you how to create a bucket travel list mixed media style.


Have a wonderful day!


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Stamping Background and Patterned Paper

Are you ready to get creative with stamps? Let’s make your own background or patterned papers! It’s EASY!

Watch this short video to learn these tips and tricks so you can create your own gorgeous background and patterned papers too!

First… let’s talk PERFECTION.

There is no such thing as perfection in stamping. If you can’t live with that… BUY your patterned papers!

I’m not just saying this to be funny.

Stamping is full of imperfections and little things that just don’t turn out as planned. If those kinds of things will drive you crazy, why would you do that to yourself?

If you can find the beauty in the flaws then you’ll survive a bit of stamping fun!

TRICK… Foam is your friend!

To get nice, crisp stamped images put a layer of foam under the paper you are stamping onto. This will help you have even pressure on your stamp and will result in fewer holes and gaps in the finished stamped image. Yay!

Tip… Big guys first.

If you are stamping images of various sizes start with the largest and leave the smaller ones for last. This way you can fill in any awkward spaces with the small stamps. Sneaky, right?

Over the Edge… it’s a good thing!

For a more natural look stamp some of your images right off the edge of the paper. BUT… be sure to re-ink your stamps well before you use them again. (or you’ll end up with awkward lines >>> insert panty line joke here <<< (or just pretend I did!) ;)

2 is better than 1

Like most things in life 2 really is better than one. Some of my favourite stamp sets have two stamps that work in stages or layers. This is called two-step stamping and it helps to give you greater variety and options for creativity… if you see two-step stamps, grab ‘em!

It’s playtime!

The best advice I can give you is to play and experiment with your stamps. The more you stamp the more comfortable you will be using them. Unleash your creative potential by playing with your stamps!

stamping background patterned paper hibiscus

Still Need Perfection?

Maybe theres IS a way to find perfection in stamping! Have you ever wanted to try this digitally? You’re in luck because my friend Karen from Photos Kept Alive has a tutorial showing you how to create patterned ‘stamped’ papers using Panstoria Artisan.  CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT.


Do you have a great tip for stamping? Share it in the comments!

Let your creativity shine!


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The Challenge is ON!

Happy International Scrapbooking Day!

I have a challenge for you.

Come join me and the ScrapGals in a day of scrappy challenges and fun.

I will update this post as I play along today.

International scrapbooking day with the Scrap Gals promo

Click this image to join in!


Challenge #1.

Tiffany and Tracie started the day with their challenge. They had invited the ScrapGals community to suggest ideas for a layout challenge. Then they drew 3 ideas and incorporated them into a layout!

Here’s the challenges:

  1. Use cream and less cream. (You know how there are many shades of cream… today you will combine them!)
  2. Use a quote from an 80’s movie or song.
  3. Use three different colours of mist or paint.

Here’s the layout I made for this challenge!

Escape to Maui layout image

I made the background paper earlier this week using diluted re-inker with an eye dropper. There is some cream and less cream… this was the hardest part! I also used a quote from one of my favourite 80’s movies, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Challenge #2

Jen Schow gave us the next challenge. We needed to use our 6×6 paper packs to create a layout!

Here’s a link to her video demo: Designing with 6×6 papers VIDEO

This is the layout Jen creates in the video:

Jennifer Schow silly us layout

Layout by Jen Schow. Click to watch her video!

Here’s the layout I created using 6×6 papers and featuring my new pink hair. I found a kit from an old class I had taken… um… many years ago… that had two 6×6 paper packs. They are Making Memories brand, which has been gone for a long time. Isn’t it great that we can take old product and make it look brand new?

I based this layout design on one of Jen’s from her 6×6 paper pack love video series. Her layout was called Sodalicious. One of the coolest things is that I sewed! It’s been a long time since I’ve sewed on a layout and it was so easy and I love the look of it. Why don’t I do it more?

pink hair layout image

Challenge #3

Ellen Thompson might just have given me my biggest challenge yet! Her challenge is to mix alpha letters/font on a layout or card. Here’s her examples:

Ellen Thompson he made me fire layout


Challenge #4


Your challenge is to create your own background or patterned paper. But don’t worry! I won’t leave you hanging! I have a ton of super-cool crafty ideas to get you playing and creating! Watch this video to get you started:

Of course, after you create your paper you’ll want to make a layout!


Now it’s your turn!

Come play along, there’s more fun to come!

Now, go and be crafty!