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Fun Friday! – All the Paper

It’s Friday! Let’s have some fun!

fun all the paper


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Have an awesome, scrapbooking kind of weekend!


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How to Prepare for LOAD215: Tips

LOAD215 promo image

Did you know that it’s possible to scrapbook every day for a month? I would NEVER have believed this was possible before my first LOAD (LayOut A Day).

It’s true! I did it and you can too!

In this post I’ll share all of my best pre-LOAD tips with you. I’ll tell you about the surprises, the supplies you’ll need, and the method I used to get through a LOAD challenge successfully.

At the end of this post I’ll share more stops on this blog hop so you can get tips from other Loadsters too.

The Surprises:

There were a lot of things I didn’t know the first time I participated in a LOAD.

I had no idea how much fun I would have!

I didn’t know that I really could scrapbook every day for a month. I didn’t think this was possible before!

I was surprised to find out that I would learn to scrapbook faster. Scrapbooking every day will teach you little tricks that speed up your scrapping process.

The People:

I didn’t know how good the people are. Every day I would add my layout to the Flickr group. Other class participants would leave encouraging and positive comments on my layouts. It was so rewarding to see the kind comments left by the other scrappers.

I had no idea how inspired I would be by the other layouts in the group. I loved seeing how other scrappers interpreted the prompts and that gave me MORE ideas of things I should scrap! I made sure I left comments for some of the other scrappers too. There was a real sense of community.




The Stories:

I told great stories during LOAD. In the past I struggled with journaling but the prompts were very inspiring. They lead me to tell stories I had never thought to scrap before. The pages I created had heart. They told stories from the soul.

Want to know the secret? Most of the prompts start you with a story to tell. When you start with a story, you find pictures that will help you embellish the story and papers and embellishments that will pretty it all up. By starting with the story first, not the photos the journaling was so EASY!

I love to swim layout image

The Supplies:

I needed a lot of adhesive. Be sure to stock up. I use tape runner, glue dots, liquid glass and foam tape, so don’t forget to replenish your stash now!

I didn’t realize how much I love to use Thickers and other alpha letters on my layouts. Stock up with any essentials YOU need. Not sure what your go-to items are? Take a peek at a few of the layouts you’ve made recently. What do you use a lot of? Are there any trends? Make sure you have plenty of that go-to item on hand!

thickers for scrapbooking layouts

A great way to complete your layouts faster is to use kits that have coordinated papers and embellishments. Kits are designed so that the elements will work together. They PAY designers to do that for you, so make it easy on yourself and use kits! I like to have a variety of kits available for scrapping during LOAD.

The Photos:

There are three important things related to photos that have helped me complete LOAD.

  1. It is awesome to be able to print photos at home. Stock up on ink and photo paper so you can tell the story you really want to.
  2. I borrowed a box of old photos from my parents. It was a pretty random selection, but it really helped me tell some of the stories that related to my childhood.
  3. Sometimes the photos I chose for my layouts were not perfect. The photos were grainy, or too dark, or they were at the wrong event, but it didn’t matter. I found photos that worked well enough to embellish the story and looking back it TOTALLY works! Don’t allow yourself to get paralyzed by searching for the perfect photo!

Brothers - Alice Boll

The Determination:

I was surprised at how determined I was to be successful. I really wanted to be able to accomplish this goal. Here’s some tips to set yourself up for success.

  • When you start LOAD you’ll be thrilled with each page you complete. As time passes you’ll realize, YOU ARE DOING IT! You are scrapbooking every day. You are telling your stories! This excitement will help motivate you when things get more difficult.
  • Meal planning helps! Plan out a month of meals, make the meals simple and fast… you’ll want to leave yourself more time for scrapbooking! Pull out the crockpot. I even like to pre-cook hamburger and make meatballs to put in the freezer ahead of time. Planning meals is a great way to set yourself up for success. You don’t want to miss scrapbooking because you had to cook! ;)
  • Get your family on board with your goal. Let them know how they can help you reach your goal. If you are determined you will find a way to make it work… perhaps instead of family members ‘picking up the slack’ they are ‘exercising their independence’ and ‘practicing their cooking skills’. Lol! ;)
  • Use the other LOAD participants to keep you motivated. Participate in discussion threads in the Flickr group, especially if you want moral support or a kick in the tush! :)

Reaching the end of the month successfully is so rewarding. I don’t know how to explain the sense of personal accomplishment I felt at the end of my first LOAD.

This Worked for Me: (the method)

I liked to find out the prompt for the next day the night before. If I could I’d take a quick peek at the prompt before I went to sleep. (You could always check in the morning if you’re not a night owl like me.)

I thought about how I would approach the prompt as I went about my day. I’d find a time I could print the photos I’d need. In the evening I’d sneak some time to sit down and scrap.

Having all day to think about the prompt gave me time to figure out how I was going to tell the story and which photos would be the best to help tell the story.

me at 35 layout image

Learning how to scrapbook faster helps too. Scrapbooking every day sparked my creativity and I made gorgeous pages that told great stories and were fun and creative.

When Things Get Rough: (oh no!)

Sometimes it gets difficult. You may miss a deadline. You may have a day where you just can’t scrapbook. These things happen! Move on, know that life can be like that, and scrap again the next day. At the end of the month you’ll still end up with a bunch of completed layouts that you will be proud of.

I was reminded of another thing that helps when things get rough by Lisa H in the post comments. It was such a great point that I had to share it here!

Lisa H

Great tips and an experience that I think many of us can relate to. I think I’ve ticked every one of your points! But one thing I might add is that when you have a bad day, the LOAD discussion board is a great place to just connect with others to share the load (no pun intended!). It always helps me feel so much better :-)


Here’s what I wrote before I did my very first LOAD. Read the post. I’ve learned a few things since then!

Are you registered for LOAD215? If not Click here to view more details. I’m already in LOVE with the theme for this LOAD, I’m sure I’ll be sharing great stories!


Click me to sign up for LOAD!

LOAD215 Blog Hop:

There’s so many more things you should know before your first LOAD. Visit the blog posts on tis blog hop to get all of the tips and tricks you’ll need to get started!


Now, let’s get ready to scrapbook… every day, for a month!


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10 Tips for Using Large Photos on Layouts

Large photos make a statement. They are also a great addition to your scrapbook layouts. There’s many benefits to using large sized photos, so here’s 10 tips to get those big pictures on your scrapbook pages!


Make it Monday Pink Circle

Are you visiting from the Make it Monday blog circle? You will have arrived from My Kreative Pursuits where you were inspired to use a sketch to help you get scrappy! Be sure to visit all of the stops along the blog circle to see the rest of the scrappy inspiration. I’ll share your next stop at the end of this post!

Okay! To see how awesome large photos are for your scrapbooks I’ve created a round up of layouts with large photos. I consider ‘large’ photos to be anything larger than a 4×6, which is my standard scrapbooking size. Try using 5×7’s, 8×10’s or 8×12’s.

Feel free to pin these pages so you can refer back to them later!

Here’s 10 Tips for Using Large Photos on Layouts:

1. Large photos are a convenient way to help you complete a layout quickly since the photo covers so much space.

This Magical Disney Scrapbook Layout features a large 8x12 photo of the fireworks.

2. Using large photos makes it simple and easy to complete a page as there isn’t much space left for embellishments and decoration.

Relaxing vacation layout featuring a large 8x12 photo.

3. Using larger photos is perfect when you have really good photos. You can see all of the details.

100m butterfly swimming scrapbook layout featuring a large 8x12 photo.

4. Don’t use the large photo size to skip the journaling! You can still include all elements of a page: title, journaling, and embellishments.

Fall scrapbook layout featuring a large 8x12 photo.

5. Using large photos can make a good title page. This is especially good if you are creating multiple layouts about a topic, like a holiday.

Vacation to Cuba scrapbook layout featuring pocket cards and an 8x12 photo

6. Don’t forget to play with photo orientation, horizontal or vertical… both work well.

Owl scrapbook layout featuring a large 8x10 vertical photo, raffia, ribbon and brads.

7. For something playful use a large photo as a background and layer over top. It’s kind of like creating your own background paper!

Hawaii travel scrapbook layout featuring a large 8x12 photo and more smaller photos. Journaling is typed on a transparency and layered over the page.

8. Don’t forget to use different sizes of ‘large photos’.

Chip and Dale (this is Dale) Disney character scrapbook layout using a large 8x10 photo.

9. Using a large photo on a traditional scrapbook page is the perfect way to accompany a pocket page.

First visit to Disney layout with a 5x7 photo and ephemera, badges, entry cards and pins.

Disney pocket page layout that matches with a traditional page. The vertical photo is attached using a flip flap from CTMH and has hidden journaling underneath.

10. Layer titles or journaling right onto the photo.

Selfie 8x12 photo Me and My Boys layout.

Are you ready to scrapbook using large photos? Can you guess what my favourite large size photo is? You can leave your guess in the comments! Don’t forget to tell me what your favourite size to scrap is.

Make it Monday Pink Circle

Continue on the Make It Monday Blog Circle. Your next stop is Digital Scrapbooking HQ where Melissa will show you how they celebrate Australia Day.

I hope you will be inspired, sometimes bigger really is better. ;)

Happy scrapping!


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Fun Friday – My Scrapbook Room Isn’t Messy

It’s Friday… time for some fun! Here’s a smile to finish off your work week!

My scrapbook room is NOT messy. I just have everything on display. Like a museum.


Feel free to pin this image to Pinterest!

Have a wonderful weekend!



The Ultimate DIY Bundle

You know how sometimes good things come at you all at once? That’s kind of how I’m feeling right now!

Just when I was super excited about the True Scrap 6 classes being available for individual sale along came The Ultimate DIY Bundle.

Now, if you spent every last dollar you had at Christmas you may want to avert your eyes now, because once you see this deal you won’t be able to get it out of your head!

Too impatient for me to tell you more?

Click here to check out EVERYTHING included in this bundle.

For everyone who is NOT completely impatient here’s the details…

The super awesome news is that this bundle of eBooks, eCourses and Bonuses is only $34.95. It won’t totally break the bank. ;)

Do you want to hear the REGULAR price on these items? Over $1200!


That’s because there’s 76, yup, seventy-six eBooks and eCourses included. Heck, the bonuses alone are worth triple the cost of the bundle. (uh oh! I just said ‘Heck’!)

What’s in this Ultimate DIY Bundle you ask?

There’s stuff for: Crafts, Holidays and Seasonal, Home and Garden, Home Decor, Photography, Scrapbooking and Art Journaling, Sewing, the Business of DIY, Writing… did I mention SCRAPBOOKING AND ART JOURNALING?

I did? Good.

If you wanted all of these eBooks and eCourses you’d probably have to spend a week just hopping from website to website entering your payment info! (That’s why bundles rock.)

Want to see what’s in The Ultimate DIY Bundle now? Click HERE.

I Know These People!

If you’ve been hanging out in Wonderland here with me you may have noticed I love sharing cool stuff that my online friends do. These gals make great stuff and I am happy to share it.

Several of my online friends have contributed to The Ultimate DIY Bundle.

  • Melissa Shanhun from Digital Scrapbooking HQ
  • Kristie Sloan from Arftul Adventures
  • Beth Soler from Scrapping Wonders
  • Mary Moseley from Be Photo Wise

This gives me great confidence in sharing this bundle. I know how hard my friends work to make sure they produce the best possible courses and information.

There’s Always a Catch!

As with most great things there’s always a catch, but fortunately this one isn’t too bad, if you hurry!

The sale of the bundle is ONLY until 11:59EST on Monday, January 26th. Then it’s gone. You’ll be too late. Sucks to be you. (ooh… that’s harsh!)

Good News

You can feel confident in your purchase. If for some reason you don’t think you got enough value out of your purchase you have 30 days to get a full, 100% refund. Get more details on the sales page.

Why are you still here?

Just kidding! If this isn’t for you… that’s fine. Maybe you just aren’t a do-it-yourself-er. Maybe you really did spend all of your money at Christmas. That’s okay. I’ll be back soon to share more great scrapbooking tips, tricks and techniques with you. (Are you on my email list? It’s FREE. Sign up here.)

Let your creativity shine!


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This post contains affiliate links! If you purchase I will make money. It won’t cost you extra, but it will allow me to continue haunting this part of the internet and sharing awesome scrapbooking tips, tricks and advice!