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Have you lost your motivation for scrapbooking? Tracie Claiborne and Alice Boll chat about the ScrapHappy family, LOAD challenges, AND what to do when you lose your motivation and inspiration to scrapbook, sharing 15+ tips to get you back on track! #scrapbooking #motivation #inspiration #scraphappyfamily #loadEver feel as though you should be scrapbooking but you just can’t?

You’re in good company, it happens to almost every single scrapbooker I know!

Luckily, Tracie Claiborne and I had a great chat on the Live Inspired podcast about getting your scrappy mojo back when you just aren’t into scrapbooking. We each made a list of 10 ideas to help overcome that feeling of no motivation to scrap.

Listen to the Live Inspired Podcast on Tracie’s site, TracieClaiborne.com or on your favourite podcast app.


We also chatted about the ScrapHappy membership group and the LOAD (LayOut A Day) Challenges and how they help to get me motivated! I’m always impressed at how much scrapping I do during a LOAD!

I shared a couple of layouts I’ve made during LOAD. Here’s a peek, you can see the whole layout on Tracie’s site or you can check out the sample LOAD prompt from international Scrapbooking Day HERE.


Right now there’s a special on new memberships for ScrapHappy until Sept. 30/16 you can save 20% if you use the code: family at checkout. For more info about how the ScrapHappy family can truly make you a happier scrapbooker please check out ScrapHappy.org

The ScrapHappy membership is a family of scrapbookers that create real friendships and motivate each other to scrapbook their stories. There are many perks of membership; live events, LOAD (layout a day) challenges, reunions and more. #scraphappyfamily #scrapbooking #community

We also talked a bit about Scrapbook Improv. If you’d like to know more about it, so you can scrapbook along with me for the next one, read THIS POST.

Now, pop over to TracieClaiborne.com and listen to the podcast!

Let your creativity shine!



Scrapbook Improv Replay Sept. 18/16

Welcome to the replay for the first Scrapbook Improv.

This is the first one, so be kind. 😉 I have a few ideas that I’ll incorporate into future improv nights to make things more interactive, fun and even to give better camera angles.

In this video you’ll see me peering at the computer screen frequently to try and keep on top of the live chat. Please remember this was recorded from a live-stream broadcast, let’s just say the video quality is NOT HD. 😉 You’ll hear me reading the chat comments. You’ll see me getting up and walking away from the screen to go and find some products and supplies. You’ll see me botch up the journaling on a page and have to try it again. You’ll see me create 3 layouts in just over an hour and a half!

My plan was to use the September Gossamer Blue scrapbooking kit, but it was trapped at the post office. I pulled some papers and supplies from various other Gossamer Blue kits, I’d love to tell you exactly which supplies came from which kit but after I’ve used a kit I pull it apart and mix it with my stash.

As you are watching I’d recommend scrapbooking along with me, otherwise you’ll just be watching me scrapbook… the long pauses as I journal on the pages will seem like they take forever! If you scrapbook with me it will be like we are having our own personal crop. :)

Watch your email for the date for the October edition of Scrapbook Improv! If you aren’t signed up for email you can do that here: SUBSCRIBE

Thanks for being here and happy scrapping!


Here are the three layouts I created in just over an hour and a half.









Introducing Scrapbook Improv!

Are you a fast scrapper? Would you like to see how to be a faster scrapbooker? Introducing Scrapbook Improv!

I’ll be scrapbooking LIVE this Sunday, September 18th at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern.

Best part? It’s interactive! Have a great idea for the page in progress? Share your tips, live, in the moment!

You never know what to expect with Scrapbook Improv. There’s always a bit of unpredictability, laughter and fun!

A little Scrapbook Improv history:

Scrapbook Improv was dreamed up in the creative mind of Lain Ehmann. Lain hosted Scrapbook Improv once a month and would scrapbook 3 layouts in 1.5 hours. Seriously, 3! It was all shared live, and she would use her handy dandy spinner to add an extra bit of unpredictability to the whole thing, as well as a bit of audience participation.

When I took over the ScrapHappy scrapbooking membership group from Lain she said I was welcome to take over Scrapbook Improv as well… wish me luck!

Join the fun!

Want to play along with me for Scrapbook Improv? Sign up for the Scrapbook Wonderland email list, it’s the blue and pink box or click HERE. You’ll receive helpful scrapbooking tips and inspiration a few times each month as well as the link to join me for Scrapbook Improv!

See you on Sunday!



Fun Friday: Treasures Galore!

It’s Friday, time for a bit of fun!

Scrapbooker Problem: Cleaning your craft space is like a kid trying to clean their bedroom. You keep finding treasures you'd forgotten about and stop to play with them! #scrapbooking #jokes #funny

Scrapbooker Problem:

Cleaning your craft space is like a kid trying to clean their bedroom. You keep finding treasures you’d forgotten about and stop to play with them!


This is definitely true about my scrapbook room right now, how about yours?

Have an awesome weekend and let your creativity shine!



LOAD Mini: Summer Lovin’

Few things in the scrapbook world make me more excited than a LOAD (layout a day) challenge.

Well, maybe scrapbook shopping… but if I don’t actually do any scrapbooking I feel guilty about shopping. 😉

What’s so great about LOAD? (see the VIDEO below!)

It gets me actually using some of my supplies and scrapbooking! What a great idea. 😉

Usually LOAD challenges are a whole month of scrapbooking. Which is awesome!

But in the summer I just don’t have the time, or the desire to do that much scrapbooking when it’s so nice outside.

Thank goodness LOAD mini came along!

This is a mini version of LOAD, where you still scrapbook every day, but only for a week. That works for me!

Get more info here: LOAD Mini Summer Lovin’

LOAD Mini summer lovin promo

So, if you’d like to scrapbook your summer memories, before the crazy, hectic fall schedules start come join us!

Register here before August 15th! LOAD Mini Summer Lovin’

Don’t just enjoy your summer, scrapbook it too!