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Getting Up Close and Personal with LOAD516

I’ve always wished I was a faster scrapbooker.

I’ve wished I would get more scrapbooking done.

I’ve wished I could write more meaningful journaling on my layouts.

I’ve wished my scrapbook room had a self-cleaning feature.

Then my wishes came true!

(Well, not the one about having a cleaner scrapping space, it’s all about creativity, right?)

I learned how to scrapbook faster, get more layouts done AND tell better stories on my pages all at the same time, by taking a LOAD challenge.

Hurry and sign up for LOAD516 Scrapbook Your Life: Up Close and Personal

I know what you’re thinking, “What is this magical LOAD you speak of?”

LOAD is the LayOut A Day challenge, where you scrapbook a layout every day for a month.

For real.

Yes, it’s possible.

I signed up for LOAD the first time on a whim. I thought, “It would be nice to get more scrapbooking done, but I’ll never be able to do a whole month! Maybe I’ll get 3 or 4 pages done.”

Then I started receiving the daily prompts. I found that by starting the layouts with a story in mind the journaling came easily.

I would find a photo that worked and it didn’t have to be perfect. (If you know me, you’ll know that’s a big deal!)

As the month started to zip by I could barely believe what I was doing! I was scrapbooking every day and I learned something important.

The more I scrapbooked the easier it was getting.

They always say exercise is easier when you do it more often and I guess the same theory applies to scrapbooking too. The more pages I created the easier it was the next day.

These weren’t boring, blah pages either.

These were layouts I was really proud of. I was using creative techniques. I was adding beautiful embellishments. I was scrapbooking important memories.

And that’s what it’s all about for me. Enjoying creating layouts and sharing my important memories.

If you’d like more info about LOAD516 and what it’s like you can check out the info page.

Click here for more info about LOAD516.

It doesn’t cost anything to find out more! Looking is free. ūüėČ

P.S. Until April 20th you can sign up for only $35. After that it’s $50.

But don’t wait. Registration CLOSES on April 30th. So sign up or miss out. Harsh!

P.P.S. Did you know that ScrapHappy members get LOAD challenges as a perk of membership? This April you can join ScrapHappy and save 25% by using the coupon code: happygal

Want to see some of the amazing pages I’ve created during previous LOAD challenges? Check out these:

Make it Monday Pink CircleMake it Monday

Did you arrive here from Photos Kept Alive? Karen has been working on her vacation album from last December. See what progress has been made so far!

Your Next Stop! It‚Äôs just around the corner … have you made a card for your Mother yet? Alison Day Designs ¬†is sharing some old favourites as well as new creations.


I hope I’ll see you at LOAD516 and that you’ll join me in scrapbooking every day for the month of May!

Let your creativity shine!



Hyperbole and a Half

A few years ago I stumbled across a website. It had these rather primitive cartoon-style drawings. Meh, okay, not really that impressive.

Then I started reading the blog posts, and I laughed.

And I laughed.

And I laughed.

Until my family started to think I was a going a little bit crazy.

Next thing you know¬†I’m reading them a post aloud.

Did I mention the posts have multiple drawings that emphasize the stories? We all gathered closer around the laptop as I continued to read.

Our living room sounded¬†like a pack (is that what you call a group of hyenas?) of crazy hyenas. Think of the crazy one, Ed, from the Lion King and you’ll have a clear picture.

I read a short story called, “The God of Cake“.¬†It may be the funniest thing I’ve ever read.

That’s not even a hyperbole.


Not familiar with the word hyperbole? A little high school English refresher…

Pronunciation: [hahy-pur-buh-lee]

It’s a noun. (Person, place or thing… this one kind of fits into the ‘thing’ category.)

It means: obvious and intentional exaggeration.

I’ve decided that Allie Brosh is my comedic superhero. Her stories usually center around herself as a young child. Apparently she had a talent for the dramatic, even back then.

Chances are, if you’ve ever been online you’ve probably seen one of Allie’s drawings. I’ve seen them millions of times, turned into internet memes. A blonde girl wearing a pink dress, holding a broom and exclaiming,¬†“WASH ALL THE THINGS!”

(not ringing a bell? Click this Google search: meme wash all the things)

Every time I see one of these memes I’m both amused, because I can’t fail to be reminded of how hilarious Allie’s stories are, but I’m also kind of choked. She’s getting absolutely no credit for the hilarity that she has been bestowed upon the world. (Look at a few of them, do you see credit… no you do not.)

Alice look of disapproval

This is my look of disapproval.

As my own form of protest against the injustice I bought her book.

It’s filled with stories that make tears stream down my face.

I’m adding a handy affiliate link if you’d like to pick up a copy from Amazon. Not only would you be picking up one of the most, no, the most entertaining book I know of, it may even stop Amazon from dropping me as a lame affiliate, that always forgets to recommend things that I truly love.

Be sure to leave me a comment if you agree this is the best thing on the internet, or if you’re sitting there wondering what on Earth is wrong with me.

And probably Allie too.


If you are as scrapbooker, (if you’re not, what are you doing here?) I thought I’d tie up this post with a quick note about how this relates to¬†scrapbooking.

Do you ever find that your journaling is kind of boring.

We went here. We did this. We had fun. You are so cute.


(Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be a jerk. I’m completely guilty of writing stuff like that and calling it ‘journaling’.

That’s not really journaling though, right?

Don’t you want your journaling to tell more? To get to the stories? To be interesting or exciting to read?

Take a page from Allie’s book, (not actually, her book is awesome don’t rip it up!) and use hyperbole in your writing. Don’t be afraid to be dramatic.

Like magic, your writing will become instantly more interesting and exciting to read.


Need more tips for great scrapbook journaling? Try this TIP.


Don’t forget¬†to join me in protest and pick up a copy of the Hyperbole and a Half book! ūüėČ

Let your creativity shine!





Breaking News!

Are you going to join the line up? Here’s the breaking news of the day, April 1, 2016.

breaking news april fools

I’m ready for Mama’s Little Helper, how about you?

Want more FUN? Try this… The smart way to deal with scrapbook room chaos.

Have a fun filled day. Hopefully that includes some scrapbooking too!



Want an easy way to take the struggle out of matching patterned papers? This solution is so simple you won’t believe you haven’t tried it.

Here’s an easy, no-fail cheat!

Use monochromatic patterned papers.

Yes. It really can be this easy. Let me show you!

selfies layout image

This layout has 4 different patterned papers. They are NOT all from the same collection, or designed by the same designer.

The one thing they have in common is… they all contain shades of green.

By using a monochromatic (single colour) on your layout you don’t have to worry about whether the colours match or work well together.

Pro Tips:

  1. Choose ONE patterned paper first. Then you can select more papers that share that colour and tone.
  2. If you think it works… it probably does. Don’t second guess yourself out of a great option!
  3. You can make this even easier on yourself if you use papers from one designer. It’s not cheating… it’s designed to work together! Why fight it?

Make It Monday green circleMake it Monday

Hop over to Photos Kept Alive where Karen is using colouring to help her concentrate.


If you like these tips about working with patterned paper you’ll probably love this post too: Scrapbooking with Bright Colours and Fun Patterns


I hope you have a wonderful day. Let your creativity shine!



Mad HatterHappy St. Patrick’s Day!

Just what you wanted, another page with more green! Of course you do!

Since green is everywhere you look today, I thought it was appropriate to share some green layouts, cards and art journaling projects.

Funny thing…

…it turns out I don’t actually use that much green in my crafting. I guess Kermit was right when he sang that¬†“it’s not easy being green”. Apparently it’s not easy scrapbooking with green either.

(And this whole time I’ve heard that purple was the difficult colour for scrapbookers.)

So, in a way this is really helpful.¬†By gathering up green projects it’s easier to be inspired by green and get crafty with it. Besides, you know that you’re going to end up with pictures of someone wearing a green shirt today!

Mint, olive, lime, khaki, avocado, jade, blue-green, apple, chartreuse, grass, kelly, moss, pea, pine, sage, sea, spinach… take your pick!


my lucky shoes layout image


pull me card image 22

heart card by Alice i feel stonger

Stuck layout image

Extreme layout with video

art journal mystic tulip

spray a birthday card 7

Gelato in Venice layout Scrapbook Wonderland

pink hair layout image

hungry layout image

inspired by india layout image

lava layout image

lucky in love layout image

speak welsh layout image

selfies layout image

Ready to get more GREEN inspiration? 

Art journal, or scrapbook? Combine paint, photos, and digital vintage St. Patrick’s Day postcards for a fun take on memory keeping.¬†http://kristiesloan.com/artjournal-style-hybrid-scrapbooking/


Have a wonderful day!