Digital Meets Traditional

Jen Wright from Jen Wright Designs

Jen Wright from Jen Wright Designs

The scrapbooking world seems divided into two camps, digital vs. traditional. My friend Jen Wright had a brilliant idea to help break down some of the barriers between these two opposing camps when she asked paper scrappers to use her digital templates to inspire layouts.

I was so excited to be a part of this! I don’t know why you have to choose between digi and traditional, I think it’s much more fun to bring both worlds together.

I love using scrapbook sketches to inspire layouts. I’ve even used a card sketch to inspire a scrapbook layout. (Click here to see!) I knew working with one of Jen’s digital templates would be easy and fun.

Jen gave me a gorgeous template to work with!

Jen Wright designs template 14

I love the layers and that I could use six photos on the two-page layout.

P.S. Want to download the digital template? Jen’s giving it away for free HERE!

At first glance this page seems so simple. It’s not overly complicated with tons of embellishments. The layers work to add so much texture and variety without being too fussy.

Here’s a sneak peek at the layout I created using this template.

Mountain adventure layout by Alice Boll of Scrapbook Wonderland

The paper is from Close to My Heart and reminds me of a sweater. It is called

*For a complete product list see the end of this post.

Were you surprised to see that I didn’t create a fall-themed page? One of the best tips I can share about using a sketch is to repurpose it using a completely different theme! This template would work for birthdays, weddings, summer, etc. Don’t feel that just because it looks like a fall theme that you can only use it for fall!

You’ll also want to see where I decided to place my journaling. I was so happy to have a generous space to tell my story. :)

To see the rest of the page you’ll have to pop over to Jen’s! Be sure to leave her a comment and let her know I sent you!

Click here to go to Jen Wright Designs.

Are you a digi or traditional scrapper? Have you considered scrapping outside your regular style? Have you tried hybrid scrapping?

Personally, I want to learn how to use Photoshop so I can play with some of the amazing digital techniques, and so I can take advantage of the beautiful digital papers, embellishments and templates!

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Let your creativity shine, and get scrapping!



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Products used on the “Mountain Adventure” layout:

Snowhaven paper – CTMH

Red sticker letters from the Holiday Happenings Assortment – CTMH

Glitter paper – CTMH

Red sparkles – CTMH

Liquid glass as a glue – CTMH

Vellum- unknown

Snowflake embossing template: Sizzix

Sun Rays embossing template: Craft Concepts

Silver Versa Color ink

Canadians interested in Close to My Heart products can shop online:


When Simple is Perfect

Make it Monday blog hop imageSometimes simple is perfect. Not all layouts need glitz and glam to make them great.

If you want to create the perfect simple page there are three tips to follow to help you get it right.

If you are hopping along the Make it Monday Blog Hop you will have arrived from Scrapping Wonders where Beth was sharing projects she created using the Scor Board. I’ll share the next stop at the end of this post!

Making a simple page can be a challenge. How much is enough? How do you keep from going overboard? Is it too boring?

Here’s the three tips you need to know so you can make a perfect, simple scrapbook layout.


Keep these elements on your page simple.

  • Colours
  • Patterns
  • Typography/Font
  • Design


These simple but impactful elements will add interest to your layout.

  • Title
  • Embellishments


Draw people into the focus of your page by making sure these elements have emotion.

  • Photo
  • Journaling

Too Small - a simple but perfect layout about a moment in Disney

Let’s look at how this example follows these tips to make a perfectly simple layout.

1. Keep it simple. A black and gold colour scheme, no patterns, handwriting on lines and a photo in the center design all work to keep this layout simple.

2. Add impact. The title with a large word and a small word add impact, so does the  ruler along the edge.

3. Use emotion. The photo and journaling finish the page by drawing you into the heartbreaking moment on a trip to Disneyland.

Give these three tips a try the next time you want to create your own perfect, simple layout.

Your next stop on the Make it Monday Blog Hop Connie will show you a twist on the traditional advent calendar. Hop over to Clicky Chick Creates.

Is simple the perfect way to scrapbook for you? What tips do you follow? Share your tips in the comments!

Let your creativity shine, and get scrapbooking!


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Scrapbook Design Inspiration: Children’s Books

Scrapbooking Design Inspiration ImageChildren’s books are a treasure trove of ideas for scrapbooking!

In this post we will explore some fun and creative ways to use children’s books as inspiration for scrapbook design.

In the first section we will discover how to use the story and in the second part we will  be inspired by the pictures.

Each section will include three unique and creative ideas, and examples of how you can apply these ideas to create your own layouts.

How to Use Children's Books to Inspire Your Scrapbook Pages

Get inspired by story.

The stories in children’s books are always colourful and vibrant. They are written to capture a child’s wandering attention and have pictures that help to embellish the story.

Here’s 3 ways you can use the story-telling techniques from children’s books on your scrapbook layouts.

1. Play with Words

Use the colourful and vibrant playfulness with words to command the reader’s attention on your layouts. Use exciting and interesting adjectives to describe the actions and people in the story you are telling. Emulate the author’s style of writing in your journaling. Try rhyming or using silly words to help embellish your story.

childrens books image1

Use rhyming or silly words to help embellish your journaling and make it more intriguing.

childrens books image12

Add some humour to your layout when you are inspired by a Shel Silverstein book.

2. Quote It

Use a quote from a favourite children’s book. Quotes make a great embellishment or title for your page.

childrens books image5

The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room could easily be adapted to a title on a page about your child’s messy room.

childrens books image9

Perhaps someone in your home has a nickname that suits one of the Mr. Men titles. Mr. Messy, Mr. Funny, Mr. Happy, etc.

childrens books image4

Do you have any secrets or mysteries that are waiting to be told? Perhaps a Nancy Drew title could inspire your layout.

3. Borrow the Theme

Use the theme of the story to inspire you to tell a story of your own.

childrens books image3

‘Green Eggs and Ham’ might inspire you to create a layout about foods that you don’t like.

childrens books image13

A ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ book may inspire you to tell about a trip you took without planning ahead.

childrens books image7

Frog and Toad may inspire you to scrapbook about friendship.

'Amelia Bedelia' may inspire you to scrap about a mix-up!

Amelia Bedelia may inspire you to scrap about a mix-up!

Get inspired by pictures:

Children’s books have excellent artwork. Here’s 3 ways you can use that art to inspire your scrapbook page:

1. Colours

If I asked you to create a page inspired by The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss, which colours would you choose? Did you say, “red and white”?

The colours from storybooks can be a big part of what draws you in.

childrens books image11

Curious George might inspire you to use yellow, or scrap about a special hat, or a job you had… there are so many possibilities!

2. Interesting Artwork Methods

Children’s illustrators love to help embellish the story. Sometimes they are very creative in their approach to the art. I’ve seen pictures made from: cross-stich, play dough, toys, watercolour, paper piecing and more.

childrens books image10

Perhaps you’ll be inspired to try stitching on your page after looking at this book, or you may want to tear some paper.

childrens books image6

Some illustrators include hidden gems for the readers to find like the spider and grasshopper on every page in Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter books.

3. Page Design

You can also be inspired by the designs used on the cover of a book.

childrens books image2

The layout of ‘Go, Dog, Go!’ easily lends itself to a scrapbook page.

childrens books image8

The colours and layout from this book would make a great layout.

Have you used a children’s book to inspire a scrapbook layout? If not, what are you waiting for? Which approach would you choose? What book inspires you? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments!

Did you see the Scrapbooking Design Inspiration post last week? I shared some of my best RESOURCES, you won’t want to miss that!

Watch for the next post in the Scrapbooking Design Inspiration coming next Wednesday.

Let your creativity shine and get scrapping!


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Brilliant Trick for Using a Postcard on a Layout

Add both sides of a postcard to your scrapbook layout easily using this simple photo tutorial.Do you send postcards home from your travel destinations?

I’ve done it a few times and I love having that extra piece of ephemera to add to my scrapbook pages.

The problem with a postcard is that they have TWO SIDES!

If I mail the postcard home I’ll have to decide which side of the postcard to feature on my layout… OR DO I?

make it monday blog hop image 2

Make it Monday

If you are hopping along the Make it Monday Blog Hop you have arrived from Artful Adventures where Kristie Sloan inspired us with how to create a background using a blended ink technique. I’ll share your next stop on the hop at the end of this post.

I have a couple of ways that I’ve handled postcards before, but this time I designed a new BRILLIANT TRICK!

I scrapped the front of a postcard on this page layout.

Layout featuring the front of a postcard.

‘Paradise Found’ layout featuring the front of a postcard.

This layout shows the back of a postcard.

Layout featuring the back of a postcard.

‘Snail Mail’ layout featuring the back of a postcard.

Here’s the trick:

This is the exact same postcard!

I cut a hole in the center of the paper to mount the postcard. Now you can see it from both sides!

Let’s walk through the steps. I’ll be sharing a different project so you can see the step by step process. (I forgot to take photos of the process as I built the page above!) ;)

Easy Photo Tutorial to Add a Postcard to a Scrapbook Layout

1. Start with a sheet of double-sided patterned paper or cardstock.

2. Decide where you would like to place the postcard on your page.

3. Mark the corners of the postcard with a pencil.

postcard layout image1

4. Cut out the center of the page.

postcard layout image2

5. Now cut a matte slightly larger than the postcard.

postcard layout image3

6. Turn the matte into a frame! You want the inside part of the frame to be SMALLER than the postcard!

postcard layout image4

7. Use glue dots or another strong adhesive to attach the frame to one side of your postcard.

postcard layout image5

8. Use more glue dots or other strong adhesive to mount the postcard over the hole in the page.

postcard layout image6

9. Make sure the back of your layout looks great too!

postcard layout image7

10. Enjoy scrapbooking both sides of your postcard!

I hope you’ll be inspired to try a creative technique like this one! Do you have a postcard you’d love to scrap now? What else would you use this for?

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Paper doll card and gift in one!

Click image to go to see the cool surprise!

Last week on the Make it Monday  blog hop I shared: A Paper Doll Card and Gift in One

As always, if you have any questions about this scrapbook project, or any others you see on the Scrapbook Wonderland site I’d be happy to answer your questions! You can leave me a comment below or contact me through the ‘contact’ tab at the top of the page.

Let your creativity shine and get scrapping!




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Easy to Make Paper Pumpkin Decoration

Easy to make paper pumpkin craft for fall and Thanksgiving. (With directions!)

I have two rules for crafts that I plan to make.

  1. A craft I make must be as nice as something I could buy in a store. (otherwise I’ll just go buy something instead)
  2. It must be simple and easy to make.

(Yes, I’m also the mom with the last minute Halloween costumes. You can see what I came up with HERE.) ;)

When I saw this pumpkin decoration I thought, “Hey! This is gorgeous and it’s easy, this is the craft for me!”.

Here’s an easy to make paper pumpkin that looks like you did a lot of work.

Easy to make paper pumpkin decoration. You won't believe how simple it is!


  1. Make about 9 circles. This sample was created using circles that were 4″ diameter. Depending on the size of circles you may need more or fewer circles. You can use other sizes. Try using several different patterned papers and some cardstock.
  2. Cut a small section off the bottom of each circle.
  3. Use different patterned papers, or get fancy and emboss and ink some cardstock with fall images.
  4. Ink or distress the edges, only if you like.
  5. Wrap a strip of distressed cardstock to make the stem. (I used a strip that was 1/2″ by 7″.)
  6. Fold the circles in half .
  7. Glue the circles together at the edges. You don’t really need to glue the center  parts, because that’s where you’ll be tucking the stem in. A tape runner works well to tape the edges.
  8. Glue the stem into the top of the pumpkin. Try a liquid glue like Liquid Glass from Close to My Heart.
  9. Finish by wrapping a piece of raffia around the top.

Easy to make paper pumpkin craft for fall and Thanksgiving. (With directions!)

Enjoy your beautiful paper pumpkin!

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Let your creativity shine, and get scrapping!


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