Scrapbook YOU! Day 6

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Scrapbook YOU! Day 6  {Childhood years.}

For today’s layout we are throwing a party, a birthday party!

Not quite, but we do want to scrapbook about what birthdays were like for you as a child.

(Quick reminder! If birthdays were not a big thing in your family you might choose to scrapbook another significant tale from your childhood.)


  • What were birthdays like as a child?
  • Did you have a party? Were birthdays an exciting event?
  • What were the special details?
  • Did you have cake? What kind? Who made it? Any funny cake stories? What was your favourite kind?
  • Were there decorations? Party hats? Streamers?
  • Who was there? Did you celebrate with friends and family?
  • Did you play games?
  • Gifts?
  • What was the best present you received as a child?
  • Did you share your special day with someone else?

You can focus on one specific birthday, or give a general feeling of how your birthdays were celebrated.


Do you have photos from your birthdays? If so, great!

If not, you have other options.

  • Use a different photo of you from the right time frame, even if it’s not a birthday photo.
  • You can find and use a stock photo of your favourite type of cake.
  • Create a layout without a photo. (Try adding quotes and/or large embellishments instead!)


enjoy birthday party layout image 1

(Please do not PIN.)

One of the photos flips to reveal more photos!

enjoy birthday party layout image 2



Birthdays are a time of excitement and fun, so bring some of that to your layout too! Try adding:

  • bright colours
  • birthday symbols; cakes, cupcakes, party hats, candles, balloons, streamers, confetti
  • banners
  • polka dots
  • numbers


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